TWICE Profile Added + Plans for November

Happy November!  (Late per usual, but whatever)  I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Mine was quite low-key, because it’s not as big a deal in France as it is in the US. It’s mostly just a party theme for the weekend before. All my grad school friends were on October break and I’m a huge introvert anyway, so I just stayed in and played a Nancy Drew game (Ghost of Thornton Hall, in case there are any other ND fans out there)And I managed to get massively scared, despite the fact that I’m a grown ass woman I’ve played it three times already.

This is going to be a long and rambling post, so if you’re just here to look at TWICE click the photo below!

Twice Likey

So some fun K-pop related news: I’m now an admin for the Tumblr Unpopular K-Pop Opinions! I’ve actually been doing it for a month, but the new admins got announced this week.  I’m really excited because I’ve been following it pretty much ever since I got into K-pop.  I never really got involved in commenting (and I definitely won’t now that I’m an admin) but I use it to keep tabs on how the greater international community is feeling about certain groups, songs, or situations.

Just a couple of extra disclaimers to cover all my bases: none of the posts I make on that site have anything to do with my (or the other admins’) personal opinions.  We just make the photos that go with the posts. Similarly, there’s no overlap or cross-promotion between that and what I do here.  This is my own personal site, but on Unpopular K-Pop I will remain strictly neutral. My own individual Tumblr and my WordPress seem to be reaching different audiences at the moment anyway, but I still plan to keep all of them quite separate for now.  In fact, this is the only time I’m planning on mentioning it –  because it’s something fun I wanted to share with you!

Okay, on to stuff that’s more specific to Katherine Does K-Pop…or rather, my writing schedule. Frequent readers of my blog know that I’m generally behind on the timing between new releases and my posts.  I was slowly but surely narrowing that gap, but things are going to get tough this month. I’m returning to the United States for the holidays, so the next couple of weeks are going to be filled with traveling and reunions.

To add to things, I decided to take the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. Basically, I have to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. That is a lot of computer time on its own, without even counting blogging.  I had a little bit of foresight, so there are several half done or three-quarters done posts in my drafts. I still plan on posting here as often as I can, but I just have no idea how it’s going to go.

I won’t be doing as reviewing for new music in November, unless there’s a song that I really have a lot to say about. It’s much more likely that if I post, it will be a recap of some kind.  It’s kind of survival show city right now with Stray KidsThe Unit, and Mix Nine – and I happen to be watching all three.  So making recaps would be significantly less work for me, especially if I cut down on the GIF making. I can watch an episode when I’m taking a break from my novel, type up my notes, and add some links.

Aside from the projected recaps, here’s what I’ll probably post this month:

  • Rapid(ish) Reviews: I’ve already written about Highlight, BTOB, and SF9, among a few others.  I was planning on making a separate review for GOT7…but given that “You Are” was released a month ago, it’s highly likely that I’ll have to add them in here.  Rainz and JBJ were also going to be a separate article, but we’ll see.
  • A review on Twice’s “Likey” (who else is loving this song???)
  • A post predicting who will win at the 2017 MAMAs, which will be closer to the ceremony (or ceremonies) at the end of November.
  • That’s Right, My Type: I’ve picked two guys in a row, so this month’s bias is my ultimate girl crush – EXID’s Hani!
  • A profile on Monsta X.  I was originally going to go with SEVENTEEN, but I don’t have any time to track down activities for thirteen members.
  • Concert post: I’ll be seeing SF9 in Boston in two weeks! Hometown represent!

Well this ended up being a little longer and more personal than usual, so thanks as always for bearing with me!



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