UPDATED NU’EST Profile + Announcement About Group Profiles

Since I haven’t been active on this blog for a while, I decided to start by reformatting what was already here. The Group Profiles I make are pretty much the most visited pages, so I want to spend some time bringing everything up to date. NU’EST was having a comeback around when I began, so they are the first of my profiles to get the new look! If you want to know more about NU’EST or just see what the rest of the group profiles will eventually look like, click here!

(Technically, Wanna One was actually the first profile I revisited… but I still have to figure out how much I want to keep updating it now that the group has disbanded T_T I’ll come back to it once I’ve finished everything else!)

Since I have so many profiles, I’m going to update them in the order of when they have a comeback . So that means NCT is coming up next – I’ll use the opportunity to do both NCT 127 and NCT Dream – then Monsta X and TWICE. (And BLACKPINK, if they ever announce their comeback date.) Then I’ll go by groups that already had comebacks in 2020 like GOT7 and GFriend. EXO and BTS will probably have to go last because there’s so much to update, so I apologize in advance for a long wait!

I also wanted to take the opportunity to say that my group profiles will slightly have to change from now on. When I first started making them, my goal was to make a profile where you could find lots of information on a group and its members in one place. This consisted of tracking down a LOT of videos and linking them and embedding them into lists. Unfortunately, moving countries has presented an unexpected problem – I can’t watch all of the same videos in Korea that I could in the U.S. This mostly affects variety shows.

This largely isn’t a problem with YouTube because most those videos are coming from South Korea anyway. So, things that are uploaded on a group’s official channel or a channel that regularly posts segments (like 1theK or Dingo) are still easily watchable. However, I’m rarely able to see anything that a fan uploads and adds subs to. For example, I now can’t see a lot of the Weekly Idol or Idol Room episodes I linked. I can only watch the clips that the ALL THE K-POP channel provides.

Music show performances are also sometimes not available. (I think it’s because most Koreans just use Naver to watch these videos.) This actually has gotten better over the past year, but for a long time I could only watch the channel’s official fancams and not the actual performances. Clips of year end shows like MAMA and SBS/KBS/MBC get uploaded a bit later as well.

So unfortunately, I will not be able to provide as many links to fully subbed videos as I used to (unless they are on YouTube. From this point on, I’ll mostly only be able to do clips. And since I’m not able to check some videos that are restricted in South Korea, I won’t be able to know if something is no longer available and remove it from the site. I’ve been adding a notice like this to all my pages, but I still wanted to say it here and make it official.

I’m sorry that my profiles might no longer be as convenient as they once were in terms of finding videos and watching them right on the page. However, I’ll try my best to still be as informative as possible!


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