UPDATED NCT Dream Profile!

Hi all! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on updating NCT’s overall profile. Since I was waiting for NCT 127 to finish releasing teaser images for their repackage (plus their album and MV), I figured I’d start with NCT Dream. Turns out there was a LOT to add since I initially made the profile. The main change is that I added a BUNCH of variety show videos to the page. So now the main page has videos for their latest comeback promotions (“Ridin”), and I made separate new pages for “We Go Up” and “BOOM.”

I also made two new pages to go into the profile. The first is one for NCT Dream’s Music Show Wins, Achievements, and Awards. I guess I hadn’t made this back in 2018 because there wasn’t enough to make a full page about it, but NCT Dream has gained a lot of popularity and accomplished a lot since then!

The other page is for NCT Dream B-Sides I Like. I hadn’t made this page because I didn’t really have any that I loved back when I made the profile. (No disrespect to NCT Dream! It’s just because I was a woman in her late twenties who couldn’t relate to the super youthful thing.). But now their concept isn’t so tied to their age and I REALLY like their albums from the last two years, so I thought I’d update accordingly.

Click the picture to go to NCT Dream’s new updated profile!

To be honest, the profile isn’t TOTALLY updated yet. I’d say it’s at about 90%. I still need to add any individual activities that the members have done (dramas, variety shows, hosting, etc.) But since I need to do that for NCT 127 as well, I figured I’d wait and just do it all in one go.

As promised, NCT 127 is up next! It might take me a while because there are a LOT of videos to track down and link (both from South Korea and the U.S.), but I will work as fast as I can. In the meantime, I hope all you NCTzens out there are enjoying “Ridin” and “Punch!”


Cover Images and featured images from SM Entertainment.

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