Hey, everyone! As promised, I’ve updated the NCT 127 profile in light of their two recent comebacks with “Kick It” and “Punch.” Since they’re an extremely content-heavy group, I’ve added a whole bunch of pages for their variety show stuff. There are new pages for “Regular” and “Superhuman” eras, as well more detailed pages of videos they did while they were in the United States. I’ll continue updating any videos for “Punch” as they come out.

To go to NCT 127’s revamped profile, click the picture below!

While I’m at it, I’m going to renovate the remaining NCT pages for the overall profile. Then I’ll be moving on to Monsta X, which might take a little longer – I basically haven’t updated that one since I first made it back in 2017 (T_T) . After that comes TWICE, and then we’ll see!


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