Hey all, here’s another weekly update about how the eternal reformatting is going. I know I said Monsta X was up next, but it turns out I was wrong. I didn’t realize the rest of the NCT pages needed so much work, but I spent the past few days on it and now everything should have the most recent information.

The main change I made was adding more pages about NCT’s individual activities. Back when I made the profile, the NCT units were coming out of their rookie stage. So, all the songs different members released could fit on one page. But now there’s SO MUCH music – especially since there are a bunch of SM Station songs. I’m trying to avoid making pages where people have to endlessly scroll, so I figured it would be best to just separate the content into even more sections.

Here’s a list of all the pages I’ve made to cover NCT’s individual activities:

  • SM Station songs (new)
  • OSTs (new)
  • Songwriting (new)
  • Collaborations/Featured Artist and Song Covers (edited from original page “Music”)
  • Special Stages and Dance Videos (edited from original page “Special Stages”)
  • Variety Shows (unchanged)
  • Acting and Hosting (edited from original page “Miscellaneous”)

I also made a new index page that has links to all of these, and it shows which members can be found on which pages as well.

In the last bit of NCT related news for a while, I am planning on adding a WayV profile soon. To be honest, I really don’t know a whole lot about WayV because I don’t follow them that closely – nothing personal against them, just that I usually don’t watch anything more than music videos or performances these days. (Updating the videos on these profiles is actually the most content I’ve consumed in MONTHS.) Since I’ve still got more profiles to edit and I’m thinking of adding other new ones, one of my best friends has generously offered to help make the profile with me. I’m not sure when I can get it up and running, but I think it will be sometime around their next album release or a bit after.

On that note, the NCT profiles are all wrapped up until the next comeback! And NOW I will turn my attention to the Monsta X profile.


(Cover Image is from NCT’s Twitter; originally found here. Sorry there isn’t a picture of all NCT and WayV members to use!)

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