UPDATED Monsta X Profile!

Hi, all! The last time I posted an update, things were just starting to pick up at work and the students were slowly but surely returning to school. Now as we approach the end of June, my schedule has more or less returned to normal. I’m grateful that my work day no longer consists of me sitting at my desk and trying to find things to fill up eight hours worth of time… but the downside for the blog is that my productivity has once again been forcibly slowed down. I’m still making minor updates and edits most nights after work and on the weekends, but I sadly won’t be able to completely reformat a profile within a week anymore T_T

That being said – after almost a month of work, the Monsta X profile has finally been fully updated and brought into 2020! It was a long time coming, because apparently I didn’t even update it when I changed my group profile format back in 2018 (yikes). There were a lot of things I changed and added besides the new format, so I thought I’d make a list:

  • Made individual profiles for each member: It’s been five years since Monsta X debuted, and each member has done a significant amount of individual activities. So, I decided it would be better to give each member his own page.
  • Added discography pages: Because Monsta X released a fair amount of music in English over the past year or so, I made separate pages for their Korean music and their English music.
  • Updated “Music Show Wins, Awards, and Achievements” because Monsta X has accomplished a LOT since I first made the profile.
  • Updated “Special Stages”: Monsta X tends to do a lot of special performances, so I added a bunch of them and then put in some page breaks to make things easier to navigate.
  • MAJORLY updated “Variety Show Appearances”: I first made the profile back during their “Dramarama” era, so a LOT of things needed to be added. Now there are separate pages for all their eras up through “Follow.” (“Fantasia” is listed on the main “Variety Show Appearances” page.)
    • I also did a major reformat for their “Reality Shows” page, since they have so many.
    • I made separate pages for online segments they did in the U.S. over the past couple of years, since they’ve been building a presence over there.

Click on the Monsta X picture below to check out the new profile!

As promised, up next is TWICE! I guess now that my time to work on this blog has been limited, my updating M.O. has changed from “groups that are having a comeback” to “groups that just had a comeback.” ^^”” As of now, I haven’t decided if I’m going to do anything with the BLACKPINK profile. It seems like they’re treating their pre-release single as a comeback, but I don’t know if I should go ahead with the reformat or wait until they put out the full album. I’m inclined towards the latter because TWICE just had a comeback and GFriend is having a comeback… and I know both need probably the same amount of work that Monsta X did. (Being a multifan is really hard sometimes.) But I also know from looking at my stats that a lot of BLACKPINK fans tend to check out this site, so I’ll try and think of something!

And for those of you who might be waiting for the WayV profile, I promise I haven’t forgotten! I’m still a little maxed out on boy group content for the time being, since I watched SO many NCT and Monsta X videos over the past couple months. I just need a little time to focus on the girl groups, and then I’ll come back and add it!


(NOTE: The images in this post belong to Starship Entertainment.)

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