Happy August, everyone! July was quite busy at work because we were trying to make sure we could fit everything in before the end of the semester (teaching 6 units in two months is a challenge). And I did take a slight detour to write a little bit about my favorite music of 2020 so far, and that ended up taking more time than expected. But, I’m pleased to say that I FINALLY finished updating TWICE’s profile!

Here are the changes that I made (besides basic reformatting):

  • Although TWICE members haven’t done many solo activities over the past few years, I still felt that each one still deserved her own profile – they’re a five year old group, after all! So there are now individual pages for each member.
  • I added a list of B-Sides that I like.
  • I made a lot of updates to the “Variety Shows” section:
    • Added pages for the eras that happened while I was on hiatus: “Dance the Night Away,” “Yes or Yes,” “Fancy,” and “Feel Special.” “More & More” videos are on the main variety show page until the next comeback.
    • MAJORLY updated the Reality Shows page and added in all their new content from this year so far.
  • I added in a list of TWICE’s achievements (the page previously just covered music wins and awards).
  • I added a TON of TWICE’s special stages from the past couple of years.

To go check out TWICE’s new updated profile, click the picture below!

Up next is GFriend! That profile needs a lot of love because I basically made it and never had the chance to go back and edit it again. And I’m feeling really inspired to revisit it because of their FANTASTIC comeback with “Apple.” I haven’t decided who will be after that, but I think it might be WayV because they just released their new single and my friend has been helping me collect content… plus, I feel like I’ve been promising it for ages. Now that BLACKPINK has announced their full album is dropping in October, I’ve decided to hold off on their full profile reformat until closer to that time. However, I will probably be making little updates and doing some behind the scenes preparation so I can be ready.

I just started my two week staycation – I’m not allowed to leave the country because of COVID-19, and I’m still a little wary of going out in public too much. Plus, my school is on break for the whole month… so even if I have to go into work, I have very little ACTUAL work to do. SO, I’m planning on using August to make a ton of progress on this blog and really push out as many updates as possible. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing from me again soon!


NOTE: Featured images are teasers for TWICE’s “More & More” comeback and belong to JYP Entertainment.

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