UPDATED GFriend Profile!

It took me all of my vacation, but it’s finally here!!! I made my GFriend profile about three years ago, and then I basically never updated it again. (Not intentionally, of course, but because I became distracted with other things and then went on my unplanned hiatus). It needed a LOT of love, so I spent a bunch of time updating and giving it the new look it deserves.

There are tons of changes and additions, so here’s a basic breakdown of what’s new:

  • New Individual Member Profiles: As with most five year groups, I’ve decided that the time has come for each member to have an individual page.
  • Added Discography Page
  • Updated Variety Shows and Essential Content
    • Added pages for the following eras: “Love Whisper,” “Summer Rain,” “Time for the Moon Night,” “Sunny Summer,” “Sunrise,” “Fever,” and “Crossroads”
    • “Apple” videos are on the main page.
    • I added a GFriend Reality Shows page, since they’ve done a lot of them over the years and they’re currently doing one now.
    • There used to be a GFriend on Weekly Idol page, but I ended up deleting it. This is mostly because I can no longer find fansubbed episodes of Weekly Idol now that I’m on Korean YouTube. However, I still tried to put subbed clips of episodes in all of the era pages (since GFriend has made a Weekly Idol appearance for pretty much every one of their comebacks).
  • Updated the Music Show Wins Page and added in some of GFriend’s achievements as well. (At least, the ones I could find.)
  • Added a Special Stages Page.

Click the picture below to go to the updated GFriend profile!

Up next is definitely WayV. I’ve been mentioning that I’m going to make a profile for them for at least two months, so it’s only fair. After that, I’m planning on making a new profile for SuperM because their comeback is in September. I’ve been debating about adding new group profiles when I still have a fair amount to update, so SuperM seems like a good compromise because they’re a relatively new group and there’s not a massive amount of content to sort through. And since all of the members also belong to another group, I can do some crossovers with the EXO and NCT profiles I already have. Aside from that, I’ll be preparing BLACKPINK and BTS’s profiles for their October comebacks!


NOTE: Cover Image is from from GFriend’s Twitter account. You can see the original tweet here. The other picture is an official teaser for “Apple” and belongs to Source Music and Big Hit Labels.

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