I’ve been promising this for like two months, and I finally came through: the WayV profile is OFFICIALLY up and running!! I’m back at work, but I don’t actually have anything to do because my students are still on vacation… so I took full advantage of those 8 hours of deskwarming and pushed to make this happen ASAP.

There’s another reason why I was able to get this profile up and running so quickly, and that reason is my best friend Jess. She’s a big fan of WayV, and she keeps up to date with all of their stuff – unlike me, who rarely watched anything WayV besides music videos* and kept mixing up Hendery and YangYang until like yesterday (I know, I know). I watch a TON of videos while when I make or update group profiles, which is fun but sometimes overwhelming. A few months ago, I was dragging my feet about having to track down all that content for WayV and she graciously offered to do it instead. So basically, this profile is a collaboration or her research and my formatting. I created and organized everything myself as usual, but 90% of the videos and information came from a massively detailed Google Doc that Jess made and compiled for me. She even went through and highlighted all of the videos and clips that she thought were key or iconic content!

Speaking of Jess, she recently started a K-culture blog where she watches the latest Korean music videos (and occasionally some dramas) and writes her thoughts and initial reactions. It’s called Jei’s Kulture Notes, and I highly recommend checking it out!

To go to the new WayV profile, click the picture below!

(*DISCLAIMER: The reason why I didn’t know much about WayV until now wasn’t personal or because I disliked them or anything. It’s because my levels of Chinese and Korean were very similar for a while, so hearing Chinese would confuse me while I was trying to improve my Korean. Thankfully, my Korean level is getting better so this is not as much of an issue anymore.)

I also made some edits to the NCT pages, specifically the ones that are for members’ individual activities. Some pages got a lot bigger when I added in WayV’s activities, so I split them into two separate ones. I split the “Music” page into “Song Covers and Original Music” and “Collaborations and Featured Artist.” And I split “Special Stages and Dance Videos” into “Special Stages” and “Dance Videos.” I feel like this doesn’t make much sense as I’m writing it out, but everything is clearly outlined on the NCT Members’ Individual Activities page.

And with that, I’m going to head back to more behind the scenes profile editing. Like I said last time, I plan to make a SuperM profile for September and update BTS and BLACKPINK in anticipation of their October albums. I have some other things that I’d like to do, but I think I’m going to keep them as a surprise for now.


NOTE: Images belong to SM Entertainment and Label V.

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