Dreamcatcher Comeback Review: “Good Night”

Dreamcatcher has definitely gotten a lot of interest from the international community in the past few months.  The girls are clearly going all in on the dark horror aesthetic, and so far it looks like it’s paying off.  While “Chase Me” already ventured into the supernatural, “Good Night” goes full-on occult – and I’m happyContinue reading “Dreamcatcher Comeback Review: “Good Night””

Winner Comeback Review: “Really Really” and “Fool”

YG’s organization is a running joke with K-pop fans (the company, not Yang Hyung Suk). Creatively, they’re on fire – their artists are widely acknowledged for their talent and popularity, often dominating charts and music shows.  But in terms of planning, they’re a hot mess.  “In the YG dungeon” has become the term for the many artists whoContinue reading “Winner Comeback Review: “Really Really” and “Fool””

Oh My Girl Comeback Review: “Coloring Book”

I have such a soft spot for Oh My Girl.  There’s just something about them that’s so endearing. Anything they do puts a big smile on my face, so I was heavily anticipating “Coloring Book.” I think that this comeback has been a little divisive; either you love it or hate it.  I happen toContinue reading “Oh My Girl Comeback Review: “Coloring Book””

Girl’s Day Comeback Review: “I’ll Be Yours”

It took me forever to check out Girl’s Day because of their hiatus.  Now I totally wish that I had discovered them sooner, because I absolutely love them.  They have great music, great moves, and great style.  Hiatuses can be tough on a group’s relevancy, so they must be top tier girl if they’re stillContinue reading “Girl’s Day Comeback Review: “I’ll Be Yours””

Pristin Debut Review: “Wee Woo”

Pristin has a lot of recognition for a rookie group that just debuted a few weeks ago. Most of them competed on Produce 101, and they got two members into I.O.I. The remaining ones held a series of concerts last summer to introduce themselves to the public. Plus they’re the sister group to Seventeen, who is becomingContinue reading “Pristin Debut Review: “Wee Woo””

Monsta X Comeback Review: “Beautiful”

Monsta X is hands down one of my favorite groups.  I like everything about them: music, choreography, MVs, personalities/variety sense – and yes, visuals.  While they’re pretty successful and well-known compared to other rookies, they have yet to really “hit it big.” Unfortunately, “Beautiful” is not smashing through the charts or racking up music show winsContinue reading “Monsta X Comeback Review: “Beautiful””

Highlight Review: “Plz Don’t Be Sad”

The group formerly known as Beast has definitely had some trying times. Original member Hyunseung left just about a year ago, and the remaining members departed from Cube to create their own agency at the end of 2016.  Though the contract renewal negotiations were over, name negotiations weren’t.  Cube had apparently just trademarked it and holds the rights to itContinue reading “Highlight Review: “Plz Don’t Be Sad””

GOT7 Comeback Review: “Never Ever”

GOT7 has a special place in my heart because they got me into K-pop over a year ago. Though they’re not always my ultimate bias group (which changes frequently because of my fickle heart), they remain high on my list of favorites.  I was really looking forward to Flight Log: Arrival, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Their trilogy hasContinue reading “GOT7 Comeback Review: “Never Ever””

B.A.P. Comeback Review: “Wake Me Up”

In my last post, I mentioned that I liked BTOB more for their personalities than their music. I feel the opposite way about B.A.P.  I do enjoy their variety shows and broadcasts, but I literally became their fan because of one song. Last fall, “Skydive” smashed into my life to become one of my favorites.  I was really movedContinue reading “B.A.P. Comeback Review: “Wake Me Up””

BTOB Comeback Review: “Movie”

You know how sometimes you like a group for their personalities more than their music? That was me with BTOB. I think that they’re hilarious and I always look forward to their variety shows, but I just couldn’t get into their music.  Don’t get me wrong, I can tell that they’re immensely talented. But I never foundContinue reading “BTOB Comeback Review: “Movie””