GFriend Comeback Review: “Fingertip”

Normally, I avoid teasers because I find them misleading.  But GFriend’s teasers got me so hyped. The Awakening, indeed.  The popular girl group is clearly ready to their expand their horizons, and this comeback is supposed to signal a big turning point.  It turns out that “Fingertip” isn’t that different from their previous work, but it’s a solidContinue reading “GFriend Comeback Review: “Fingertip””

Taeyeon Comeback Review: “Fine”

Love her or hate her, Taeyeon is undeniably a major force in the K-pop industry.  Her album is charting well, and she got both an all-kill and a certified all-kill only a few days after the release – after the major changes to the chart, no less.  Her new album shows her at her bestContinue reading “Taeyeon Comeback Review: “Fine””

Gugudan Comeback Review: “A Girl Like Me”

I’ll admit it: I really only paid attention to gugudan because of the I.O.I connection. That is, I did at first.  As I got to know more about them, I came to appreciate them as a whole. They’re a very talented group with a lot of potential, and they have a lot of charm.  While I wasn’tContinue reading “Gugudan Comeback Review: “A Girl Like Me””

Lovelyz Comeback Review: “WoW!”

I feel like Lovelyz is one of those groups who are kind of in the middle but still doing pretty well.  They haven’t yet achieved “notoriety” or reached some milestones considered important for a K-pop group’s success (like music show wins). But they seem to have a solid fandom, and their albums and songs chart well.Continue reading “Lovelyz Comeback Review: “WoW!””

Twice Comeback Review: “Knock Knock”

It’s amazing how far Twice has come in such a short time.  They’ve accomplished so much in a year and a half!  2016 was very good to them, and it seems that 2017 will be no different. In the space of its short promotion, “Knock Knock” has topped the charts, gone head to head with BTSContinue reading “Twice Comeback Review: “Knock Knock””

K.A.R.D. Comeback Review: “Don’t Recall”

K.A.R.D. is getting so much attention, and they haven’t even officially debuted yet!  It seems like there is definitely interest for a new co-ed group, with many potential fans excited about their future.  There’s a lot of hype over these guys, but I think that they’re going to be able to live up to it.  They’re building a solid foundationContinue reading “K.A.R.D. Comeback Review: “Don’t Recall””

BTS Comeback Review: “Spring Day” and “Not Today”

Last year saw BTS’s meteoric rise to the top, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.  They smashed all kinds of records with Wings and “Blood Sweat and Tears,” and they continue to do so with their repackage You Never Walk Alone. Their latest comeback is very typical BTS: good music, meaningful lyrics, intricate choreography,Continue reading “BTS Comeback Review: “Spring Day” and “Not Today””

NCT Dream Comeback Review: “My First and Last”

NCT did well with their various debuts, but it seems like they’ve really stepped up their game this year. “Limitless” was awesome, and I’m really liking “My First and Last.” While I’m fairly concerned about how much rest Mark and Haechan got these past few months, I think that this is a really great comeback for NCTContinue reading “NCT Dream Comeback Review: “My First and Last””

SF9 Comeback Review: “Roar”

SF9 really impressed me with their debut last fall.  I didn’t know a whole lot about them because I quit watching d.o.b (their survival show Dance or Band) halfway through.  They weren’t doing so well when I stopped, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they were going to debut first.  What they’ve doneContinue reading “SF9 Comeback Review: “Roar””

Red Velvet Comeback Review: “Rookie”

I’m always down for a Red Velvet comeback.  They’re not just one of my top girl groups – they’re one of my top K-pop groups period.  I wasn’t quite as enamored with “Rookie” as I am with some of their other title tracks, but I think that it does fit well with the signature soundContinue reading “Red Velvet Comeback Review: “Rookie””