SuperM Profiles: More About Taemin

Since SHINee is the only SuperM-affiliated group that I haven’t done a profile for, I’ve made this page on Taemin instead. It is not a complete list of everything that he’s ever done, especially in terms of performances and variety shows/online segments. Taemin’s been active as an idol for over a decade, so there’s too much content to cover – though I did try to make it as comprehensive as possible. This page is targeted more towards newer SuperM fans who want to learn more about about him, so it should covers most of the basics and essentials. It does focus more on his solo career than his time with SHINee, but my individual profiles are generally tailored to highlight what idols do outside of their group.

This profile is a collaboration between myself and my friend Jess (Jei’s Kulture Notes). While I like Taemin and SHINee and would consider myself somewhere between a fan and a more-than-casual listener, Jess is a longtime fan and Taemin is her SHINee bias. She gathered and compiled all of the music, videos, and information for this page, which I then organized and formatted.

Table of Contents

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Solo Discography
Page 3: Other Music (SM Station, collaborations, OSTs)
Page 4: Select Special Stages
Page 5: Songwriting Credits and Accomplishments (music show wins, sales and streaming, awards)
Page 6: Reality Shows
Page 7: Variety Shows (2020 and 2019)
Page 8: Variety Shows cont’d. (2018 and 2017)
Page 9: Variety Shows cont’d. (2016 and earlier)
Page 10: Miscellaneous (acting and select pictorials/interviews)

Sources are listed on the last page.

NOTE: Most individual activities (music, acting, variety) are formatted so that the most recent activity is first and then continues backwards (EX: 2020 -> 2019 -> 2018 etc.). This is primarily so it will be easier for me to edit and keep updated, but I also hope that it’s more convenient for the readers! Songwriting discography will be shown in the regular chronological order.

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