SuperM Profiles: More About Taemin

Reality Shows

SHINee’s YouTube Channel
5 episodes
Taemin’s reality show aired during “Criminal” promotions. The sub-title is “오늘은 태민이 게임왕”, which basically means “Today Taemin is King of Games.”

Episode 1

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 2

Episode 4

NOTE: Episodes 4 and 5 feature Taemin’s friends Timoteo (HOTSHOT) and Kai (EXO/SuperM).

(탬로그 6v6)
SHINee’s YouTube Channel
10 episodes (so far)
A vlog that provides short behind the scenes looks at Taemin’s life and various activities.

Episode 1 (Beyond Live Solo Prep)

Episode 3 (Brunch Time feat. Ravi)

Episode 5 (Cooking King Lee Taemin)

Episode 7 (TMI Q&A)

Episode 9 (Welcome to Taem Salon)

Episode 11 (W Pictorial Shooting)

Episode 2 (Drive On the Way to Work)

Episode 4 (12 Year Anniversary + In My Room)

Episode 6 (Solo Album Recording)

Episode 8 (Day Without Schedules)

Episode 10 (With Taemin and Ravi)

D-cumentary: TAEMIN
2 episodes

Episode 1

Episode 2

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