SuperM Profiles: More About Taemin


Knowing Brothers
Also known as Ask Us Anything and Men on a Mission
(아는 형님)
Episode 136
A popular variety show featuring a fixed cast of well-known comedians and variety stars. It’s known for its “high school” classroom setting and promoted use of informal language.  Celebrity guests come as “transfer students” and tell stories about themselves to get to know the cast better.  Sometimes there are also other segments that feature missions or games. 

Taemin appeared on a “main dancer” special with Koo Junyop (Clon), Eunhyuk (Super Junior), and Shownu (Monsta X).

The Call
(더 콜)
Season 1, Episodes 6-8
A music variety show where singers from different styles and backgrounds come together to collaborate on original songs and perform them.

First Performance (his identity is hidden)

“Pinocchio” with BewhY


“You Are My Standard” with UV

Why Not? The Dancer
8 episodes
Veteran idol dancers Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Taemin, and Gikwang (Highlight) travel to Los Angeles to take classes with American choreographers and make their own dance pieces. They are also eventually joined by NCT’s Jisung. There are lots of clips of this show on YouTube, but they’re not subbed. So, I put in the performance clips instead.

“Everybody Mad” by O.T. Genesis
Choreographed by Melvin Timm

“Closer” by Lemaitre
Choreographed by Taemin

“Weight in Gold” by Gallant
Choreographed by Eunhyuk, Gikwang, and Taemin

“Move” Era (2017)

Life Bar
Episode 42
A talk show for older audiences where the hosts and episode guests drink alcohol and chat together.

Problematic Men
Episodes 122 and 123
A show where a fixed cast solves riddles to guess their guest’s identity, then works with the guest to solve puzzles together. I think this was a Halloween special or something like that.

Happy Together 3
(해피투게더 3)
Episodes 513 and 514
A popular South Korean talk show and variety show that often has themed episodes based on the guests that they invite. This was a “Star Golden Bell” special based on an old variety show that featured several idols like Taemin, Sunmi, Kai (EXO), Yerin (GFriend), Mina (gugudan/I.O.I), and more.

Episode 513

Episode 514

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