SuperM Profiles: More About Taemin


Taemin was the first winner of this show, dancing with Japanese choreographer Koharu Sugawara (the choreographer for his original “Sayonara Hitori” dance).

Hit the Stage
Episodes 1 and 2
A dance variety show where idol dancers team up with professional dancers and create themed choreographies.  It’s hard to find the actual episodes online, but all of the performances are on YouTube.

Problematic Men
Episode 52
A show where a fixed cast solves riddles to guess their guest’s identity, then works with the guest to solve puzzles together.

2014 and Earlier

After School Club
Episode 97
A Korean and English-speaking talk show for international fans and the overseas audience.  While K-pop groups and idols discuss their latest releases and participate in various segments and games, a major corner involves “meeting” fans through a video chat and fulfilling their requests.

We Got Married
(우리 결혼했어요)
Season 4
Episodes 167-203
A variety show featuring various celebrities who pair up and pretend to be a married couple. Taemin appeared on the show with Naeun from Apink.

There are lots of clips of this show on YouTube, but I picked this one because they’re going through the motions of a traditional marriage ceremony. Some of their friends came to see the “ceremony,” so Kai’s in it too.

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