Wanna One Member Profiles: Hyung Line


NOTE: This profile was made to cover Minhyun’s time as a member of Wanna One. I will add a more detailed profile of him over on my NU’EST page.

Real Name: Hwang Minhyun (황민현)
Birthday: August 9, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Leo (Western), Boar (Eastern)
From: Busan, South Korea
Agency: Pledis Entertainment
Position(s): Lead vocalist, visual line

Produce 101 Initial Ranking (Episode 1): #11
Produce 101 Final Ranking (Episode 11): #9
Notable Produce 101 Performances: Sorry Sorry (Team 2), Downpour, Never, Hands on Me

Claim to Fame on the Show: His eye for who would become popular and his spot-on predictions. During the first evaluation, he chose Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, Ong Sungwoo, Kim Jonghyun, and Kwon Hyunbin to be on his team.  The Produce 101 “Justice League” became immensely popular after their performance of “Sorry Sorry,” and most of them made it into Wanna One.  He was also able to correctly guess all of the members that would be on his team for the third challenge.

Minhyun in “Spring Breeze” (2018)


Before appearing on Produce 101, Minhyun was a member of NU’EST from 2012 -to 2017. He competed on the show along with three other members – Jonghyun (JR), Kang Dongho (Baekho), and Choi Minki (Ren) – but was the only one to make it into Wanna One. After finishing activities with Wanna One, Minhyun returned to NU’EST and has been actively promoting with them since. They will have their latest comeback in May 2020.

Other Activities Outside of Wanna One (during active period):

Special Stages

MAMA in Japan (dance performance)
 Collaborator: BoA 
: “Only One” (BoA)
Minhyun acted as BoA’s dance partner, a role previously performed by SM idols such as Sehun (EXO) and Taemin (SHINee)

Variety Show Appearances

King of Masked Singer 
(미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕)
Episode 144
A singing competition show similar to The Voice. Contestants perform head to head in three elimination rounds, but their identities are hidden by elaborate masks and costumes. Thus, the panelists may only judge the winner based on his or her voice. Daniel was actually on the panel for this episode and recognized Minhyun, but had been unaware Minhyun was going to participate on the show.

Happy Together 4
KBS 2018
Episode 1
A popular South Korean talk show and variety show that often has themed episodes based on the guests that they invite. Minhyun appeared as a special MC for the first episode.

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