Wanna One Member Profiles: Hyung Line


Real Name: Ong Seongwu (옹성우)
Birthday: August 25, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Western), Boar (Eastern)
From: Incheon, South Korea
Agency: Fantagio Entertainment
Position(s): Main dancer, lead vocalist, visual/face of the group (Daniel is probably the official face of Wanna One, but Seongwu also had a lot of activities and was probably pushed as the official visual)

Produce 101 Initial Ranking (Episode 1): #8
Produce 101 Final Ranking (Episode 11): #5
Notable Produce 101 Performances: Sorry Sorry (Team 2), Get Ugly, Never, Hands on Me

Claim to Fame on the Show: His super keen variety sense.  He always managed to make himself stand out every episode.  He also had a lot of catch phrases and bits, like clapping the slate and saying things like “Really super extremely awesome wow thank you” (rough translation) whenever he made Top 11.

Seongwu in “Spring Breeze” (2018)


Before appearing on Produce 101, Seongwu did a lot of part time modeling, like for this wedding hall. He was also training with Fantagio’s new actor group Surprise U.  He did one short film for their debut project, and also appeared in a scene in their web drama. Seongwu returned to Fantagio Entertainment after Wanna One’s disbandment and has probably had the most diverse amount of activities out of the former members. While he has primarily focused on acting, he has also appeared on variety shows (most notably as a cast member for Traveler), done a lot of magazine photoshoots, and released some music.

Ong Seong Wu’s Acting Roles

  • Moments of 18 (JTBC, 2019) – a youth drama about a group of high school students who are 18 years old. You can look at a summary of the characters and their relationships here and watch a highlight reel here.
  • Chances of Going from Friends to Lovers (JTBC, 2020) – a romance about two people who have had unrequited crushes on each other on and off for years. This is a relatively new announcement, so there is not much information yet.
  • Life is Beautiful (2020) – an upcoming musical film

Twitter: @officialtwt_OSW
Instagram: @osw_onge
Fandom Name: WELO (Hangul: 위로) The name has three meanings. The first an acronym for “We Eternally Love Ong Seong Wu.” The second is that he and his fans will be a source of comfort for each other (“위로” can mean “comfort” in Korean). The third is that fans hope he can rise higher in his career (“위로” can also mean “higher” in Korean).

Ong Seong Wu released several singles and OSTs throughout 2019, but officially debuted as a soloist on March 25, 2020 with his first mini album. The title track was “Gravity,” and he participated in writing and composing all of the songs on his album.

Other Activities Outside Wanna One (during active period):

Variety Shows

Master Key
(마스터 키)
Episode 1, 4-13
A variety show with a fixed cast and celebrity guests. The players are split into two teams, playing games to win clues and find out who is holding the Master Key. If a team guesses correctly at the end of the episode, they win a prize. Was part of the fixed cast with Daniel.

Law of the Jungle
(정글의 법칙)
Episodes 325-329 
Season: Sabah (Malaysia)
A show similar to the American reality show Survivor, but without an elimination system. Celebrities (idols, actors, comedians) go to remote and secluded areas of the world, learning to survive in the wilderness through tasks like hunting for food and making shelters. Seongwu went with fellow member Sungwoon.

Music Video Appearances

“Only You” by Huh Gak / 1theK / 2017

Music Show Hosting

MBC Music Core / 2018 / Hosted with Mina (gugudan) and Mark (NCT)

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