Hey, everyone! As promised, I’ve updated the NCT 127 profile in light of their two recent comebacks with “Kick It” and “Punch.” Since they’re an extremely content-heavy group, I’ve added a whole bunch of pages for their variety show stuff. There are new pages for “Regular” and “Superhuman” eras, as well more detailed pages ofContinue reading “UPDATED NCT 127 PROFILE!”

UPDATED NCT Dream Profile!

Hi all! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on updating NCT’s overall profile. Since I was waiting for NCT 127 to finish releasing teaser images for their repackage (plus their album and MV), I figured I’d start with NCT Dream. Turns out there was a LOT to add since I initiallyContinue reading “UPDATED NCT Dream Profile!”

UPDATED NU’EST Profile + Announcement About Group Profiles

Since I haven’t been active on this blog for a while, I decided to start by reformatting what was already here. The Group Profiles I make are pretty much the most visited pages, so I want to spend some time bringing everything up to date. NU’EST was having a comeback around when I began, soContinue reading “UPDATED NU’EST Profile + Announcement About Group Profiles”

November Updates: NCT Profile+ End of the Year Plans

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I realize that many people who read this blog aren’t actually from the United States, but I think that taking a moment to be grateful is something we can all relate to.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year both personally and professionally, but here on this blog I’mContinue reading “November Updates: NCT Profile+ End of the Year Plans”

TWICE Profile Added + Plans for November

Happy November!  (Late per usual, but whatever)  I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Mine was quite low-key, because it’s not as big a deal in France as it is in the US. It’s mostly just a party theme for the weekend before. All my grad school friends were on October break and I’m aContinue reading “TWICE Profile Added + Plans for November”

GFriend Profile Added + A Bunch of New Content Coming Your Way

Another month, another group profile! I finished GFriend just in time for their comeback! I’ve also been working on one for a certain extremely popular boy group that’s coming back in less than a week…but I have other things I want to do, so I might put it to the side for a week or two. IContinue reading “GFriend Profile Added + A Bunch of New Content Coming Your Way”