Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #11-20

The closer we get to the top of this list, the easier it is to see how much my personal preferences come into play. Many of the groups here are my long time favorites, and have appeared in similar rankings on previous lists. A lot of the songs also share similar traits, either in theContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #11-20”

Katherine’s Top K-pop Releases of 2020: #31-40

This section of songs feels a little random to me, but I think it boils down to how absorbed I ultimately was by them. I mentioned before that I tend to hop from comeback to comeback, and I devote my attention to new music for about two weeks on average. I spent a little moreContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-pop Releases of 2020: #31-40”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #51-100

After taking a couple of quick detours to previous years, I’m finally back on track and ready to unveil my favorite songs of 2020! I mentioned in my last post that I was much more focused on my favorite groups in 2019, and I didn’t do much exploring. This year, I did a complete 180.Continue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #51-100”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2018: #1-10

Yes, this does in fact say “2018.” I WAS planning on writing my regular Top 50 list for 2020, but I came across this as I was going through my drafts and cleaning out some old posts that never got written. I TOTALLY thought I had posted this before I moved to Korea and wentContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2018: #1-10”

MAMA 2020 Recap: Predictable Awards, but Epic Performances

Ah, MAMA. Out of all the Korean music awards shows, MNET’s is probably the most talked about and the most divisive among the K-pop fandoms. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with it. Much to my frustration, the awards have been getting more and more predictable every year. I’m proud of all the groups andContinue reading “MAMA 2020 Recap: Predictable Awards, but Epic Performances”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2018: #11-20

Though I consume a lot of K-pop (clearly), I don’t actually spend a lot of time listening to the same songs. I tend to really get into a group’s new single for however long they promote it, and then I file it away and move on to the next track of the week. So althoughContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2018: #11-20”

November Updates: NCT Profile+ End of the Year Plans

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I realize that many people who read this blog aren’t actually from the United States, but I think that taking a moment to be grateful is something we can all relate to.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year both personally and professionally, but here on this blog I’mContinue reading “November Updates: NCT Profile+ End of the Year Plans”

MAMA 2017: Predicting the Winners

The MNET Asian Music Awards are finally upon us!  The week-long awards started in Vietnam this past weekend, with another show in Japan and the main event in Hong Kong.  After over a month of online voting, fans all over the world are waiting to find out which K-Pop acts will come out on top.Continue reading “MAMA 2017: Predicting the Winners”

My Favorite Songs of 2016: April – June

Around this time, I realized that there was no going back: I was officially a fan of K-pop. So I embraced it.  I watched even more MVs and variety shows. I got back into dancer mode and started to teach myself choreography from various dance practices (girl groups only so far). And I went to KCONContinue reading “My Favorite Songs of 2016: April – June”